This website is dedicated to the memory of  the 'Fire Memories' Museum which was closed in August of 2015.   


Robert and Carolyn Green organized Fire Memories, Inc. as a non-profit fire museum in January of 1998 for the collection, preservation, and exhibition of fire fighting equipment of all types and ages for historical, educational, and safety purposes. Fire Memories museum allowed everyone to experience the historical apparatus and equipment of firefighting and brings a sense of pride to this career of dedication to saving lives.

The original Board Members who joined us in this significant event were Ron Reynolds, Mary Reynolds, and Jeffrey FitzHenry. We have held museum Open Houses, multiple parades, static displays, tours with school students, and general tours for all members of the community. Our Open Houses for retired fire fighters have recreated the sense of family that is openly a part of all fire departments.
The organization originally had a five-member board and than changed to a seven-member board.

There were more than two thousand, two hundred (2200) historical fire related items and/or memorabilia on display. This included such items as: a complete 30’ section of leather fire hose, pompier or scaling ladders, station gongs, fire alarms, hoses, nozzles, over 1500 fire department patches, 5 motorized fire apparatus, 14 hand or horse drawn apparatus, 275 fire extinguishers, 27 fire hydrants, 25 fire helmets, and way too many more items to list individually.

Fire Memories had worked very closely with the Historical Society of Palm Desert and opened a great exhibit of more than one hundred fire department items on loan from Fire Memories, Inc. This was all displayed in an old “fire house” in Palm Desert, CA.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Fire Memories also had a prominent display at the Applebee’s Restaurant located at Cook St. and Frank Sinatra Dr. in Palm Desert, CA. This display included patches, model fire trucks, nozzle, spanner wrench, signs, lithographs and numerous pictures.

The original Fire Memories, Inc. was established in Indio, CA. In November of 2006, Robert and Carolyn Green moved themselves and relocated the whole museum to the great northwest in Cheney, WA. which is approximately 20 miles southwest of Spokane, WA.



Although the Fire Memories Museum has closed its doors, it still has exhibits at the following locations:

The Historical Society of Palm Desert, 72-861 El Paseo Drive, Palm Desert; will have more than 300 pieces located in the old Station 33 firehouse.

Red Helmet Training Group facility, 10601 Church St., No. 107, Rancho Cucamonga; firefighter training center also will continue a museum pancake breakfast fundraiser.

San Gorgonio Pass Historical Society, inside the Beaumont Women's Club, 306 E. Sixth St., Beaumont; small display open by appointment or during special events.



If you would like to see the original 2007 Museum website, which includes photos of the historical fire related items and/or memorabilia, please click on the following photo:




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